State of the Nation Address: Zuma unveils plans to tackle growth-sapping labour, power woes

Engineering News – ONLINE
17 June 2014
In response, Zuma promised to respond “decisively to the country’s energy constraints in order to create a conducive environment for growth”.
He argued that a radical transformation of the energy sector was required so as to develop a sustainable-energy mix that comprised coal, solar, wind, hydro, gas and nuclear energy.
“We will also need to identify innovative approaches to fast-track procurement and delivery by government in the energy sector.”
To prepare the institutional capacity for such a change, government would convert the National Nuclear and Energy Executive Coordinating Committee into the Energy Security Cabinet subcommittee.
The subcommittee would be responsible for the oversight, coordination and direction of activities for the energy sector, while also ensuring that Eskom received the support it required to fulfil its mandate. The utility was currently confronting a R225-billion revenue shortfall, which might only be closed through further State injections, or by yet higher tariffs…. read more

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