SAPVIA: Grid Capacity Allocation Rules – member input required

Dear SAPVIA members,

SAPVIA is cognisant of the urgent need amongst members, for the implementation of fair and transparent grid connection processes for renewable energy projects. Recent grid connection challenges surrounding Bid Window 6 (BW6) have further magnified the need for us to improve and unpack the Grid Queuing Rules now officially named the “Grid Capacity Allocation Rules”. As such, this is key priority area for the Joint SAWEA/SAPVIA Grid Task Team in its engagement with Eskom.

On Thursday, 16 February 2023, the Joint Grid Task Team held a constructive engagement with Eskom, in which Eskom shared the latest draft of the rules and elaborated on the key principles that they were looking to incorporate into these rules. Eskom indicated that they have spent much time and effort in developing the rules to resolve the various issues that surfaced in BW6 of the REIPPPP regarding the allocation of grid capacity. Please see attached a high-level draft of what Eskom had presented together with the draft rules that they are considering, for your perusal.

We would like to invite you to make inputs to enable us to formulate a cohesive industry response to Eskom. Our response will be aligned to SAWEA’s and other supporting organisations to ensure a compelling industry wide position into the Draft Grid Capacity Allocation Rules. We have agreed to workshop this position between the joint grid task team and Eskom – to assist Eskom in incorporating relevant industry insights into the rules and creating a framework that is non-discriminatory, workable, transparent, and brings new capacity online as expeditiously as possible.

All this is expected to be done before the broader industry engagement conference scheduled for 28 February 2023.

The Joint Grid Task Team will assist by leading the collection and consolidation of member inputs.

To this end, we request that members review the rules in detail and provide inputs and comments by the close of business Friday, 24 February 2023 to with the subject line “Grid Capacity Allocation Rules Input”.



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