A Gender Based Violence (GBV) campaign conducted in the Madibeng Municipal area, helped to raise awareness of the plight of violence perpetrated against women, children, as well as the elderly. Together with the Department of Social Development and important local stakeholders,  De Wildt Solar provided support and resources to the affected community members.

“We are pleased to be able to work together with our local stakeholders in this important fight against Gender-Based Violence and for the chance to provide support and resources to those affected is crucial. By working together and taking concrete steps, we can help create safer communities and prevent the perpetration of these acts of violence, in the first place,” stated Julius Nong, Community Liaison Officer for De Wildt Solar.

As part of this initiative, 11 grocery vouchers were provided for survivors of GBV, families in need, and a 95-year-old community resident.

“Our country is burdened with a pandemic of violence, largely affecting women, girls, and children. Our aim is to raise awareness around these issues and advocate for change,” added Nong.

Stakeholders included the Department of Social Development, the Provincial Department of Public Works and Roads, SAPS, Loago La Rona Domestic Violence Care and Community Development Centre.

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