Powerway again awarded Large-scale photovoltaic power plant projects in South Africa

South Africa has abundant solar resources and has become the world’s 11th largest market for photovoltaic installations. Supported by favourable government energy policies, it has appealed to global industrial giants to develop solar projects in the country. However, to ensure that local companies are also competitive, the South African government encourages “local content” requirements in the bidding process. This gives, local manufacturers an advantage in the competition for projects.  There are 18 projects in Round One, with a total of 632MW of installed capacity.
On the strength of our extensive overseas solar farm construction experience, our optimized structure designs, our flexible range of services, and our 100% local production, we were awarded a 94.5MW ground-mount project in Round One.  Now Powerway has secured two more ground-mount projects, totalling 30MW.  These two projects are located in Northern Cape Province: De Aar(10MW) and Prieska (20MW). The project investor and one of the operators is Gestamp Solar, the world’s largest photovoltaic power plant constructor and the world’s leading EPC company.  According to the terms of the contract, Powerway will begin preparing material shipments in mid-July, commence installation in early August, and expect to complete the project in 10 weeks.  The company has developed a new screw type specifically for the rocky geological conditions in South Africa.
Our 100% local production shortens the lead time and improves efficiency, insuring that the project will be finished as scheduled.
“Our cooperation with Gestamp Solar, one of the world’s leading PV companies, is very meaningful to us,” said Paul Sherry Wei, Powerway’s chief marketing officer. “It is an important milestone in the development of our business in South Africa. We see this as an excellent start. Our company has extensive overseas project experience and innovative ideas, and offers full service and efficient operations. Working with the world’s major photovoltaic solar developer and EPC contractor gives us a stable, long-term cooperative relationship with which to continue the development of large-scale photovoltaic power plants in South Africa. This security strengthens our ability to take advantage of the long-term potential of this emerging, high growth solar energy market. ”
“Gestamp Solar is world-class Solar PV company, and our cooperation with them is an important milestone in our development in South Africa,” said Sherry Shi, CMO of the Powerwaygroup. “ With our extensive overseas project experience, innovative product design, all-round service, and efficient operations, we are confident that Powerway will achieve significant penetration into the promising, rapidly growing South African market, working in collaboration with the world’s leading solar project developers and EPC companies.”

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