Power Africa Roadmap

The launch of the Power Africa Roadmap took place yesterday.  The Roadmap was originally announced by President Barack Obama during his state visit to SA in 2013. The governments of Norway, Sweden, Canada, United Kingdom, as well as the EU and NEPAD, have since joined as partners. Click here to download the roadmap.
Amongst others, the roadmap aims to support the addition of 30 000MW of new generation capacity in sub-Saharan Africa by 2030, accompanied by 60 million new connections to electricity.
Naturally, reference is made to the REIPPPP, low electricity access rates in a number of African countries, as well as developments related to gas, hydro, geothermal and renewable across sub-Saharan Africa.
Part of the package includes an online project tracking tool (and an iPhone app). A public version of the tracking tool can be viewed via: https://www.usaid.gov/powerafrica

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Market Segment
System Size
Total Capacity
0 - 30 kWp
Commercial and Industrial (C&I) - SSEG
30kWp - 1MWp
C&I Large Scale and utility scale
1MWP - 50MWp
Utility Scale
> 50MWp