Over 4 000 learners in grades 1, 4, 8 and 10 benefited from a mobile clinic programme, which implemented a COVID-19 awareness and education programme, in collaboration with the Department of Health. This school health programme, funded by De Wildt Solar, also provided Primary Healthcare Screenings, across five local schools during the last school term of 2021.

The programme’s main objective was to de-stigmatise CV-19 through the offering of primary healthcare assessments, hygiene awareness workshops, as well as CV-19 support services. During the workshops, the team raised awareness of hygiene among learners and the community.

“The information aimed at tackling and dispelling misinformation while promoting health recommendations and safety guidelines, as set out by the Department of Health,” explained Celiwe Mabaso, Community Operations Manager for De Wildt Solar.

Participating learners were made aware of the importance of preventive measures such as hand hygiene, wearing masks, using antiseptics to clean their homes, avoiding crowded places, and the necessity of social distancing.

“CV-19, its modes of transmission, epidemiology and symptomatology were presented in simple language, as well as its impact on families, and the role that communities play in its spread or containment,” Mabaso added.

As part of the CV-19 awareness campaign, primary healthcare screenings were conducted at each school, in accordance with the Department of Education’s Integrated School Health Policy. Screenings included oral health screening; health education and promotion; vision screening (snellen chart); hearing screening; nutritional assessment; physical assessment (gross and fine motor); as well as tuberculosis screening. Learners that indicated abnormalities were referred to the closest hospital for a full diagnostic assessment and further treatment.

Schools that benefited from this programme included: Polonia Primary in Mmakau; Tsogo Secondary in Mmakau; Malatse Motsepe Secondary in Mmakau; Mothutlong Secondary in Mothutlong; IB  Damons in Damonsville.

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