Pella, Northern Cape

Khai-Ma Textile and Trading, a pioneering 100% black woman-owned business in the Pella community, has embarked on an inspiring journey towards expanding into new markets, driving local economic growth, and ensuring its future as a sustainable SMME.

This SMME was established in 2018 by seven enterprising women from this small rural community, who are skilled seamstresses dedicated to becoming self-sustainable, with their hearts set on sharing their talents and experience to inspire the youth in the community. Furthermore, with funding from an small business development programme, this team is receiving business mentoring, equipment, upskilling and other support to help them reach their goal of becoming sustainable.

“With the support from Konkoonsie Solar II, we have been able to streamline the company in pursuing our goal of being the best maker of school uniforms, sports gear, and mine workers’ overalls in the Khai-Ma area. The equipment and training we’ve received are invaluable and have elevated our capabilities, ensuring that we consistently deliver top-tier professional products,” said Caroline Jannetjies, one of the owners of Khai-Ma Textile and Trading.

Forming part of Konkoonsies Solar II’s small business development programme, Khai-Ma Textile and Trading has been a beneficiary since 2021. The support provided to the SMME to date includes an online business workshop, equipping them with essential skills to operate efficiently.

“By fueling growth and empowering entrepreneurs, we are not just creating business opportunities, but also strengthening the community. The remarkable potential displayed by this SMME is driving them towards higher levels of achievement, especially with the extensive procurement possibilities available in the Khai-Ma region,” emphasised Jeremy Prins, Social Performance Coordinator at Konkoonsies Solar II, funders of the programme.

He added, “Khai-Ma Textile and Trading is actively seeking entry into bigger markets, encompassing educational institutions, the mining industry, and private enterprises, and it is our goal to assist them in this endeavour.”

At present, the company is undertaking the next phase of the development programme which includes: engaging in one-on-one mentoring sessions; providing a spectrum of growth paths including access to funding; technology-driven markets; new business model development; regulatory compliance; and business management skill development. Concurrently a 6-month garment-making training is improving the skill set of all members.

In addition, the existing machinery of the company was also repaired, and procurement of raw materials was made in order for the business to make school tracksuits and PPE samples to present to schools and companies.

Market Segment
System Size
Total Capacity
0 - 30 kWp
Commercial and Industrial (C&I) - SSEG
30kWp - 1MWp
C&I Large Scale and utility scale
1MWP - 50MWp
Utility Scale
> 50MWp