Local ECD centres in the Ramotsere Moiloa Local Municipality are receiving support through a programme designed to address challenges faced by the creches in the area, as well as to improve the quality of teaching and learning. As a result, hundreds of young children across 35 childhood facilities are already starting to benefit from safer, more conducive learning environments.

“Our focus is on ECD centres requiring educational resources and PPE, which are vital for the development of children. In order to operate, ECD centres are dependent on government subsidies and school fees. However, both the government subsidy and school fees are often delayed or absent.  This places an additional burden on the centres, whose core focus is on the child. Often, general maintenance of the ECD facilities are neglected, hence our support,” said Tshepo Kgoloane, Community Operations Manager for Zeerust Solar, the programme funders.

The need for this support was identified through an ECD mapping exercise, undertaken by the solar project. As a result, this support will help alleviate the burden on struggling ECDs, and further aid in the development of children at their early schooling stages.

Chairperson of the School Committee at Kgaie ECD centre, in Matlhase Village, Ms Kalayamotho expressed her gratitude for the support given, as they have been struggling.  “The department often takes time to subsidise the children’s fees when parents are unable to pay them. We are so grateful for Zeerust Solar’s support, which will help us purchase many things we do not have the money for,” she said.

In addition, support for educational resources and capacity building for the ECD practitioners will be provided. Funded by Zeerust Solar with the support of the Department of Education in the area, this programme forms part of the solar project’s Socio-Economic Development Programme, which places an emphasis on early childhood development.

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