NERSA, DoE, Treasury:Latest Industry Update 3 July 2011

Dear Members,
Herewith an update from Davin Chown after his phone calls with NERSA, the PPCE and DoE on Friday:

  1. NERSA has not signed the determination sent to them by DoE. This means NERSA is not giving the go ahead to the procurement process as envisaged by Treasury and DoE.
  2. NERSA, Treasury and the Minister were due to meet on Friday, however this meeting did not materialise and they are expected to meet mid-next week to try and seek concurrence between NERSA, DoE and Treasury.
  3. Word is that Ministers in the DTI and DPE are now entering the fray as they are deeply concerned that this process, run by DoE, is jeopardising their position for COP 17 – the DPE and DTI have been driving SARI and have made significant commitments at Cancun.
  4. According to contacts on the PPCE, the Chair did acknowledge the urgency of our concerns and they have undertaken to try and make sure that industry is part of the discussion on the way ahead.

So it seems we have made enough of the right noises and put up enough of a fight to (a) assist NERSA in keeping REFIT on track (b) that it has assisted in helping NERSA to refuse to sign the determination, on the basis of no concurrence, and (c) that we no know that nothing can transpire unless all of the parties above have had a meeting and sorted this process out at the highest levels.

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