Prieska, Northern Cape

In the collective spirit of support and compassion, local stakeholders teamed up with the local solar power plant to bring smiles and comfort to a group of differently abled individuals on Mandela Day this year, in Prieska. A total of 80 community members benefited from this initiative, receiving much-needed assistance contributing to their overall well-being.

“The support extended to the beneficiaries goes beyond material items. Many of these individuals face challenges in acquiring all their necessities with the grants they receive from SASSA. While they receive some assistance from a local hospice, the impact of being accepted and included in the community cannot be overstated,” said Joan Nel, Social Performance Coordinator for MBP Solar, funder of this initiative, in partnership with local stakeholders: Hospice Moeder Theresa, Department of Social Development, Afrikaner Christian Women’s Movement, local Government, and the Family and Marriage Society of South Africa.

The beneficiaries received food vouchers, clothing vouchers, blankets, and a heartwarming catered meal on the day. Notably, individuals who were unable to attend due to physical or mental challenges received special house calls to ensure their inclusion and participation.

According to George Botha, Financial Manager at Hospice Moeder Theresa, “The Mandela Day programme gave great exposure to the services of the Hospice to the physically and mentally challenged. Beneficiaries felt valued and their dignity restored. This kind of support also keeps the caregivers motivated because it helps alleviate the burden of poverty that beneficiaries often experience.”

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