Dubai, United Arab Emirates – 03 February 2021: Trina Solar Co., Ltd. (“Trina Solar”) received IEC62817 Certification for its TrinaTracker Vanguard Series verified by the Certification Entity for Renewable Energies (“CERE”), a Europe-leading independent testing, simulation, certification and inspection body.
TrinaTracker has a worldwide reputation of delivering high quality and reliable solutions that are designed to provide the best levelized cost of electricity. The TrinaTracker production facility and supply chain network offer the highest quality with reduced lead times ensuring the best client support. TrinaTracker consists of two series of trackers, the Dual Row Agile 600+ and the Single Row Vanguard 600+.
The new-generation of Vanguard trackers compatible with 660W, 600W and 550W modules, pioneers the match of Trackers, leading to increased power gain, reduced LCOE and optimized system value. The IEC Certification demonstrates the industry’s high recognition for TrinaTracker’s excellent technology, robust performance as well as exceptionally reliable product quality.

600W+modules have become the new industry standard for ultra-high power modules, which accordingly requests for more stringent requirements on the structural design and reliability of trackers. In response to the industry developments and technological advances, Trina Solar launched the TrinaTracker Vanguard 600+ Series, offering four core product advantages: high reliability, more yield gain, low O&M (operation & maintenance) costs and unified contact channel (modules and trackers). The Vanguard series use an intelligent tracking algorithm independently developed by Trina Solar, which can receive more scattered radiation, leading to higher system energy production and increasing energy gain by 3%-8% over the traditional astronomical algorithm. Hence, Trina Solar can ensure a more superior ultra-high power system solution for customers.
IEC62817 standard consists of strict design requirements, test methods and judgment basis for structural strength, tracking accuracy, reliability and durability of solar tracker, thus IEC62817 is considered as a comprehensive and authoritative evaluation standard for solar trackers. TrinaTracker Vanguard has gone through all major tests in the advanced large-scale simulation test laboratory of CERE, and passed more than 20 reliability assessments, including the functional test for tracking system, expediting circulation test, UV test, deformation test under static load, mechanical slip and recoil test, control cabinet vibration and impact test under transportation, etc. The certification team of CERE has over 50 years of professional experience in the renewable energy industry, providing renewable energy producers worldwide with testing, simulation and certification services.
“Trina Solar’s new-generation of TrinaTracker Vanguard series passed IEC certification in one go. It shows Trina Solar’s continuous investment in reliability research and module compatibility.” said Miguel Martinez, CERE Certification Manager.
Duan Shunwei, Head of the tracker business unit of Trina Solar, said: “sticking to our principle of ‘driven by innovation, more reliable’, Trina Solar’ tracking solution is dedicated to offering customers with high quality, reliable ultra-high power trackers and service, and will make sustained efforts to promote technical innovation and industry-wide standardization of trackers to expedite further reduction of LCOE and ultimately bring more returns to our customers.”
About Trina Solar
Founded in 1997, Trina Solar is the world leading PV and smart energy total solution provider. The company engages in PV products R&D, manufacture and sales; PV projects development, EPC, O&M; smart micro-grid and multi-energy complementary systems development and sales, as well as energy cloud-platform operation. In 2018, Trina Solar launched the Energy IoT brand, established the Trina Energy IoT Industrial Development Alliance together with leading enterprises and research institutes in China and around the world, and founded the New Energy IoT Industrial Innovation Center. With these actions, Trina Solar is committed to working with its partners to build the energy IoT ecosystem and develop an innovation platform to explore New Energy IoT, as it strives to be a leader in global intelligent energy. In June 2020, Trina Solar listed on the STAR Market of Shanghai Stock Exchange. For more information, please visit
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