Dubai, United Arab Emirates – November 23rd: Trina Solar Co., Ltd. (“Trina Solar” or the “Company”), a leading global PV and smart energy total solution provider, today announced the renewal of its global brand for tracker business, as well as integrate and upgrade its business system and channels, so as to make full use of and strengthen Trina Solar’s brand influence and bring better service and more added value to global customers.
In May 2018, Trina Solar acquired a 51% stake in Nclave, a well-known Spanish tracking solution provider with the remaining 49% stake acquired in July this year. After the acquisition, Nclave became a wholly owned subsidiary of Trina Solar marking the first successful merger and acquisition of an overseas tracker company by a Chinese photovoltaic company.
As part of the brand renewal plan, Trina Solar will renew the brand name “Nclave,” change the brand name to “TrinaTracker”. At the same time, SP160 and SP240 series product brand names under the original Nclave business brand will be changed to Vanguard and Agile respectively.
The world’s photovoltaic power generation is moving towards greater efficiency and better prices. With the combination of trackers and ultra-high power modules, generating capacity can be significantly increased while the hourly cost per kilowatt of electricity can be reduced to increase the revenue of photovoltaic power stations. As the core component of Trina Solar’s total intelligent energy solution, the tracking system is an important strategic measure oriented towards creating customer value. The new business brand and product brand names fully reflect Trina Solar’s motivation and determination to provide solutions in the tracker business. “TrinaTracker” will leverage the advantages of Nclave in research and development, design, products and global service network, and infuses Trina’s strengths in innovation, reliability and world-leading financing; “Vanguard” is a single-row tracker, and will continue to develop and innovate based on the existing leading position; “Agile” is a double-row tracker, with the goal of being safer and faster.
Moving forward, Trina Solar will use the new business brand name and product brand names inside and outside the company, and the original tracker business brand name and product brand names under the Nclave brand will cease to be used. After the renaming, Trina Solar will take over after-sales services from the original Nclave.
Gao Jifan, Chairman of Trina Solar, said: “Innovation, branding and internationalization are the three important development strategies of Trina Solar. The change and enhancement of the tracker business brand can improve the consistency and effectiveness of the global brand, which is not only conducive to the development of the Company’s tracker business, but also conducive to creating a better customer experience. After the brand renewal, Trina Solar will continue to bring service excellence to our customers at a professional level.”
After more than 20 years of development, Trina Solar has grown from a first-class photovoltaic module supplier to a globally leading total intelligent photovoltaic energy solution provider, whose business covers photovoltaic products, photovoltaic systems, intelligent energy and other value-added solutions. With the vision of “leading the global energy revolution with low-cost and high-value intelligent photovoltaic energy solutions”, Trina Solar has brought solar energy to consumers, a benefit for both the environment and mankind alike.
Innovation is an important development strategy for Trina Solar, and also an important aspect of the Trina brand. Throughout the whole process from production to operation, Trina Solar insists on promoting the reduction of levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) through continuous technological innovation, and seeks to bring affordable clean energy to millions of households. Trina Solar is committed to building its brand as “the world’s leading provider of total solar solutions” with outstanding technical and business innovation capabilities, aiming to build a future-oriented, cleaner and more sustainable energy supply system.
About Trina Solar (ticker symbol: 688599)
Trina Solar Co., Ltd., founded in 1997, is a world-leading provider of smart integrated photovoltaic (PV) solutions. The Company’s business spans the research and development, production and sale of PV modules, power plants and system products; PV power generation and operations and maintenance (O&M) services; the development and sale of smart microgrids and multi-energy systems; and energy cloud-platform operations. In 2018, Trina Solar pioneered the creation of an energy Internet of Things (IoT) brand, joining forces with the most advanced companies and research institutes in China and overseas to establish the Trina Solar Energy IoT Industry Development Alliance and the New Energy IoT Industry Innovation Centre, in addition to a New Energy IoT Research Innovation Platform. Through this energy IoT ecosystem, co-founded with multiple partners, the Company is committed to becoming the global leader in smart energy. On June 10, 2020, Trina Solar listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange Science and Technology Innovation Board (STAR Market), becoming its first PV company dealing in PV products, PV systems and smart energy. For more information, please visit the Company’s official website:
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