A dental-drive was recently launched in the Douglas area, aimed at promoting oral health and hygiene amongst young learners. The five-day dental information-sharing session, benefited 100’s of grades R and Grade 1 learners, across five local primary schools, with the aim of raising awareness about the importance of dental care and equipping children with knowledge on how to maintain healthy teeth.

Working in partnership with the Department of Health, the programme is funded by Boikanyo Solar, as part of its community beneficiary programme.

“We decided to assist the community in this way because not many kids from the age group 3-6 are familiar with a dentist and not many are aware of the various services that a dentist offers. By investing in the younger generation and instilling good dental hygiene practices, this dental drive aims to make a lasting impact on the overall health and well-being of the Douglas community,” said Stephaline Fanie, Boikanyo Solar’s Community Liaison Officer.

Dental information-sharing sessions encompassed an engaging programme designed to educate children on proper oral hygiene practices, and covered various topics, such as:  the prevention of dental diseases such as dental caries, healthy eating habits, and the importance of regular brushing. Furthermore, the children were taught a catchy toothbrushing song in their native language, encouraging them to adopt positive dental care habits.

All learners received a dental hygiene kit, toys and informative pamphlets to further support them in their oral health journey. This donation serves as a reminder for the children to prioritise their dental hygiene and provides resources to help them in their daily oral care routines.

Mrs Koopman, Principal of Bongani Primary School, expressed her gratitude for the support, saying, “I just want to thank the Boikanyo Solar team for their support, which has touched so many innocent souls. We are truly grateful for the gifts, as they will remind the learners to keep their teeth clean.”

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