Prieska, Northern Cape, 26 June 2023

Learners from Prieska’s Gariep High School, together with various local government department representatives and the local Mayor, joined an annual event, focused on personal health, hosted by BTE Renewables’ newest project in the Northern Cape, MBP Solar.

Local participants took part in ‘Timu Moja’, on Friday, 2 June, ahead of Youth Day. This fun run and walk event, draws its name from Swahili, meaning ‘One Team’. Co-ordinated each year, it attracts excellent participation across three nations and six sites in Kenya, Egypt and South Africa. Staff and communities participate across Cairo (Egypt), Kajiado (Kenya), Cape Town, Johannesburg, Bedford, and now for the first time in Prieska, Northern Cape.

In addition to 100 learners, 20 participating stakeholders included leaders from the local Department of Education, Department of Agriculture and the Department of Social Development, all of whom successfully completed the 5km run/walk segment.

“I felt the need to attend the Timu Moja fun walk in support to MBP Solar to give back as MBP has proven its commitment through their social responsibility towards the Siyathemba Local Community. The event was a positive initiative and a health distraction, so that learners could explore their talents bringing about other interests other than what they are generally exposed to within our community. These programmes motivate us as the local municipality and as a community to explore better avenues to assist our young people and community towards positive activities and events,” said Mayor of Prieska, Councillor Johan Andrew Phillips.

When asked about the feedback and impact, Joan Nel, Social Performance Co-ordinator for MBP Solar affirmed the community’s enjoyment and request to be involved with future events such as Timu Moja, stating that positive interactions such as this will help combat the prevalence of substance abuse that is impacting the community.

“Our approach to community development is centred around co-creation and co-ownership, which are the driving themes for BTE Renewables as a whole. Inviting the community to this event gave us an opportunity to share and showcase our organisational culture of oneness, as demonstrated in the name ‘Timu Moja’, with the community. We hope that it will increase awareness of our presence in Prieska and serve as a catalyst for two-way communication between the community and ourselves,” concluded Celiwe Mabaso, Senior Social Performance Manager at BTE Renewables.

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