iseli energy Unveils First Revolutionary AI-Powered Solar Solutions, Transforming the Residential and C&I Solar Markets

Cape Town, 29 November – iseli energy, a leader in renewable energy solutions, is set to reshape the solar market landscape with groundbreaking AI-powered products, a first of its kind in Africa. This strategic initiative marks a significant milestone for iseli energy as it positions itself as a key influencer in the evolution of solar technology.

In a recent interview featured in PV Magazine on July 17, 2023, Tony Xu, founder and CEO of Sigenergy, iseli energy’s strategic partner, highlighted the crucial role of artificial intelligence (AI) in shaping the future of renewable energy. Xu identified key challenges facing the solar market, emphasizing the need for innovations that address battery safety, labor-intensive installation processes, system integration issues, and the overall enhancement of system intelligence.

Sigenergy’s response to these challenges is embodied in SigenStor, a revolutionary 5-in-1 energy storage system designed to seamlessly integrate into solar installations for both residential and commercial use. SigenStor combines a PV inverter, EV DC charger, battery PCS, battery pack, and EMS into a single, cohesive stack, reducing installation time to a mere 15 minutes and commission time to five minutes. iseli energy’s commitment to revolutionizing the solar market is driven by its dedication to providing solar EPCs and installers with game-changing solutions. SigenStor sets new industry standards with its rapid installation process, top-tier safety features, modularity, and performance within a large range of scenarios.

iseli energy’s CEO – Sebastien Feit speaks on a few key points regarding the technology the product will bring to the market, quoted from his opening speech at iseli Johannesburg launch of the Sigenergy – iseli energy partnership; “The integration of AI makes Sigenergy the most advanced product I have ever seen for both residential and C&I applications. It will revolutionize the customer experience and product performance. The groundbreaking dynamism AI brings has four key inputs that make it truly in a class of its own; weather data for daily power generation forecasting; load learning due to intuitive AI-learning that will adapt to your daily/weekly/monthly usage; real-time electricity tariff data to maximize savings; and region-specific load shedding schedules to adjust batteries usage during these times. It is undoubtedly a comprehensive solution, and there is no comparable product on the market.”

As a testament to Sigenergy’s core values – Safe, Intelligent, Green, Efficient, and New – iseli energy is proud to introduce these transformative products to its network of partners. The AI-driven technology embedded in SigenStor ensures not only the highest levels of safety but also intelligent and efficient energy solutions. Solar EPCs and installers can now access the revolutionary SigenStor system, empowering them to offer their customers state-of-the-art solar solutions that address the current challenges in the market.

iseli energy invites solar industry professionals to join the revolution and explore a new era in solar technology.

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iseli energy is solar wholesaler providing competitive, innovative and sustainable energy solutions in Southern Africa. Specialising in solar and storage technologies, iseli energy is dedicated to revolutionising the solar market by introducing cutting-edge products that address the evolving energy needs in Africa.

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