Douglas, Northern Cape

The donation of a new mobile unit, at the Douglas Breipaal Clinic, has sparked excitement among community members as it marks a significant step forward in enhancing healthcare delivery and creating a more efficient system that benefits both patients and healthcare professionals. 

Sr. Angeline Tshwenyane, Operations Manager at the Breipaal Clinic, expressed her gratitude for the generous support, saying, “This is a big donation, which will have a significant influence on the community of Breipaal, the facility, the sub-district, as well as the district as a whole. We have long faced challenges with limited space in the facility, and the mobile clinic will now serve as a valuable source of extra space and will greatly enhance the quality of care we can provide to our community.”

Funded by Boikanyo Solar, the aim of this donation is to address the pressing issue of overcrowding and reduce the number of patients required to wait outside the local clinic building, ensuring their comfort and timely access to healthcare services.

The mobile clinic is equipped and designed to improve patient experience and accessibility to advanced healthcare systems. The dedicated administrative office space, which will enable the operations manager to carry out vital administrative activities without disruption, is expected to improve efficiency and ensure patient confidentiality. Previously, the manager’s office served as both a practice room and administration area, limiting productivity and compromising patient care.

“This project is a testament to our commitment to supporting healthcare facilities that provide high-quality services. Moreover, it is a reflection of our dedication to strengthening primary healthcare systems and building sustainable approaches. By investing in local public health and immediate communities, we aim to facilitate easy access to primary healthcare services for all,” concluded Stephaline Fanie, Community Liaison Officer for Boikanyo Solar.

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