In a recent ceremony that underscored the value of cooperative educational endeavours, the accomplishments of seven young individuals from Vryburg was celebrated. This certification event not only highlighted their personal achievements but also reinforced the ongoing commitment to advancing literacy and educational development within the community.

The collaboration between Waterloo Solar and the READ Educational Trust illustrates how partnerships can enhance educational programmes, empower youth, and bolster communities. The programme displayed the resilient nature of these youths, who have shown exceptional perseverance and dedication akin to steadfast warriors facing adversity. By participating in the national masterclass programme, these assistants have not only completed intensive training but have also made a significant positive impact on the lives of local learners.

“These reading assistants exemplify resilience, standing firm under pressure and overcoming challenges with grace and determination. Their success underlines the effectiveness of our collaborative efforts and the promising potential of our youth to drive meaningful change in their communities,” commented Miss Doreen Sinkfontein, a mentor in the programme.

The masterclass equipped the reading assistants with essential skills through modules on Group Guided Reading, Reading Comprehension Strategies, Shared Writing, and Shared Reading.

“By investing in our youth’s education, we are making a profound investment in our country’s future. As such, we are committed to improving literacy and nurturing a brighter future for the young individuals in our communities through this programme,” stated Claire Phutieagae, Community Liaison Officer for Waterloo Solar, the programme’s funder.

The event brought together members of the School Governing Body (SGB), principals, parents, and officials from Waterloo and Bokamoso Solar. The event also featured performances by local artists such as the Ditlhagile Cultural Group and the melodic tunes of Letshabo. The day concluded with a lunch and a heartfelt thank you note from Veruschka Blume of READ, expressing gratitude for the hard work and commitment of all involved.

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