New Standards for PV Modules and PV Components – Essential Changes 2016

A successful photovoltaic industry depends on long-term reliability, performance, and safety of PV modules and PV components. International standards set minimum requirements regarding quality and safety, provide testing methods to be used and enable proof of compliance through certification.
Because of the rapid technological development in the industry in the last couple of years, these standards need to be adapted occasionally.
What standards are changing?
 The standards IEC 61215 (crystalline PV modules)and IEC 61646 (thin-film PV modules) are currently adapted into a single, new IEC 61215 standard, which will be valid approximately from the third quarter 2016 on.

  • The PV module safety qualification standard IEC 61730has been revised with regard to content.
  • Different standards, that apply for PV components(junction boxes, cables, connectors), have been revised as well

It is therefore crucial that manufacturers, distributors, investors and operators are aware of which standards apply to which components and respect any changes made to those standards, so that they are thus able to take the necessary precautions in a timely manner. Read more here (

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