Jinko achieves 24.2% efficiency for its n-type monocrystalline cell

Chinese solar panel maker JinkoSolar says it has achieved 24.2% efficiency for a large-area n-type TOPCon monocrystalline silicon cell, and that the result has been confirmed by the Photovoltaic and Wind Power Systems Quality Test Center at the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).
The manufacturer said the cell is based on its HOT cell design and relying on tunnel oxide passivating contact technology. The result was made possible, the company said, by the use of high-quality n-type wafers, selective doping technology and advanced fine-line printing technology.
“N-type HOT technology also demonstrates the competitiveness of JinkoSolar products when compared to current HIT and IBC technologies,” the company said. “The world PV module power record of 387.6W for N-type half-cell module (60P) was fabricated using JinkoSolar’s HOT cell design.” In May, Jinko said its n-type module peaked at 378.6 W, with that result confirmed by TÜV Rheinland Shanghai Co. Ltd.
JinkoSolar broke its own record for p-type monocrystalline cell efficiency – producing a cell with 23.95% efficiency – in May. This result, also certified by the Photovoltaic and Wind Power Systems Quality Test Center at CAS, improved on the 23.45% set in November 2017, which at time was the fifth cell or module record set by Jinko that year.

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