Head of Engineering – Solar Energy – M/F


CVE South Africa began operations in 2021 with its headquarters in Cape Town. It seamlessly blends the unique characteristics of a small-to-medium-sized with the expertise, experience, and financial capabilities of our parent company CVE Group. CVE South Africa has over 15 MW in construction and operation and as part of its ambitious growth trajectory, the region aims to bolster its presence with over 200 MW across the South Africa in 2027

An integral part of CVE Group, CVE South Africa derives its strength from the group’s extensive international experience. CVE Group is a proud certified B-Corp with a history spanning 12 years. It is renowned for financing, constructing, and operating community-centric solar installations. The Group commands an operational portfolio exceeding 530 MW, with activities across diverse regions including France, Chile, USA, South Africa, and Spain.

Being committed to surpassing the benchmark in environmental and qualitative excellence, CVE SouthAfrica and the CVE Group are distinguished by their ISO 9001 (quality management system) a certifications.

The driving force behind CVE’s success is its unwavering commitment to Our mission statement: Put people and the planet at the heart of tomorrow’s energy. As part of its mission, we emphasize our Environmental Impact, Human Impact, and Social Impact when pursuing our renewable energy production activities.



As the Head of Engineering, you will spearhead the successful execution of various construction projects, ensuring strategic alignment, cross-functional collaboration, and optimal support for development, engineering and construction, and O&M teams.

Your role involves overseeing Solar PV and Battery projects in the range from 200 kWp to over 10 MWp from inception to completion, fostering innovation, and ensuring compliance with industry standards.

This role reports to the Country Manager.

With the support of the in-house engineering department, you are responsible for the various PV and BESS projects, including:

1. Strategic Alignment and Oversight :

  • Ensure alignment with regional business plans and financial expectations ;
  • Verify reporting and KPIs for various activities ;
  • Identify technical risks and opportunities ;
  • Support budgeting and contract negotiations ;
  • Assist in project financing, not limited to the technical DD.

2. Cross-functional Collaboration :

  • Facilitate communication and knowledge sharing between the functional teams ;
  • Demonstrate ownership and leadership by actively engaging in problem-solving and decisive decision-making ;
  • Promote consistent processes and tools ;
  • Drive continuous process improvement ;
  • Serve as a liaison between CVE South Africa and the Technical Management team at Head Office ;
  • Collaborate with procurement and maintain supplier relationships, EPCs ;
  • Stay updated on market developments and contribute to new business models.

3. Development Team Support :

  • Implement best practices in procurement, design, engineering studies, and development schedules.

4. Construction Team Support:

  • Organize and oversee construction activities, ensuring compliance with specifications, safety, and budgets.

5. O&M Team Support:

  • Supervise operations, maintenance, and asset management activities.
  • Enhance efficiency, reporting, and compliance with quality and environmental standards.


• Minimal BSc in Engineering (Mechanical, Electrical)

• Pr. Engineer (Pr.Eng)

• 5-8 years of experience in Renewable Energy Power Plants, Engineering. Construction and Operations.

• Valid driving license

• Eligible to work in South Africa




Market Segment
System Size
Total Capacity
0 - 30 kWp
Commercial and Industrial (C&I) - SSEG
30kWp - 1MWp
C&I Large Scale and utility scale
1MWP - 50MWp
Utility Scale
> 50MWp