CSIR blasts away nuclear facade; science proves it’s an exercise in plunder

17 October 2016
There can no longer even be lingering doubts about the true intention for the Zuma Administration’s obsession to commission nine Russian-made nuclear plants in South Africa. Numbers crunched by the State’s own scientific research institute, the CSIR, show that technological advances have already made renewable energy a far cheaper option. Indeed, these figures also raise serious questions about the competence of decision making at Eskom where its CEO Brian Molefe is promoting nuclear and coal. There is no longer any room for doubt after reading this contribution by Chris Yelland, an engineer who has applied his considerable technical knowledge to covering the energy sector for his EE Publishers. Former ANC MP and Arms Deal investigator Andrew Feinstein says the nuclear build is simply an attempt to massively plunder the public purse. The CSIR’s numbers support his thesis. – Alec Hogg
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Market Segment
System Size
Total Capacity
0 - 30 kWp
Commercial and Industrial (C&I) - SSEG
30kWp - 1MWp
C&I Large Scale and utility scale
1MWP - 50MWp
Utility Scale
> 50MWp