De Aar, Northern Cape, September 2023

Inspired by the learners that he assists at St John’s Primary School, in De Aar, in his role as a Maths Coach, Percival Meyer, is one of over 50 students that has chosen teaching as a vocation in the last few years, with the help of a bursary fund that is uplifting local education skills.

Percival Meyer (28), who originally dreamt of a career in the Navy, realized early on that his fall-back option was actually a perfect fit, leading him to choose the life of a teacher.  He is now two years into a Diploma in Education Grade R, having been awarded a bursary, as part of De Aar Solar Power’s Bursary programme and takes his inspiration from his learners.

“Seeing the children’s expressions change when they finally understood something and knowing that I am the reason for this, inspired me to pursue teaching. It has been through the solar plant’s Numeracy and Literacy Programme that, together with many of my peers, I can see that our community needs more teachers, as many children are faced with difficulties and struggles in the classroom,” explained Percival Meyer.

Having commenced his studies in 2021, he was close to giving up his plan to achieve a Diploma in Grade R, due to financial constraints, which is when he applied to the De Aar Solar Power Bursary programme – picking up where he left off.

Percival plans to complete this 3-year course by 2024 and then apply for a Bachelor of Education, Intermediate Phase, whilst teaching. He sees this Diploma in Grade R as a steppingstone to achieving this.

The Bursary Programme, which sets out to assist students in the areas of Hanover, Britstown, Philipstown and De Aar, focuses on helping youth enrolled in the Numeracy and Literacy Programme, to pursue a career in teaching. Percival is an example of how the experience and training gained from being a coach, has led to a career in education.

“It is our wish that through our Numeracy and Literacy Programme, and Bursary Programme, community members like Percival will be encouraged to pursue a career in education and plough their skills back into the community,” concluded Zuki Ndlela, Economic Development Specialist at De Aar Solar Power.

Percival is currently one of five beneficiaries of De Aar Solar Power’s bursary programme, four of which are studying towards education-related qualifications.

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